34: Tenon.io & Web Accessibility

Accessibility for web applications typically gets added at the end of development cycles with different tools and low priority. This ruins the experience for many users and generally causes a huge impact on the quality of code. Because many companies are not held to supporting the standards of Section 508, Web AIM best practices, and WCAG by their clients and the impact in ROI is hard to measure it usually doesn’t happen.


Karl Groves (@karlgroves), Accessibility Consultant at The Paciello Group , creator of Tenon.io, & viking web developer leads by example, being an unstoppable developer community advocate for integration of accessibility over supplementation. Tenon takes a very interesting approach in that it integrates with tools we already use. Karl goes through developer resources. Tenon, and how we can make Web Accessibility a ‘first class’ citizen in our applications by making it part of our workflow and a fully integrated part of our process.



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