52: Technology Radar



First we review some of the technologies we’ve shown over our first year of podcasting and talk about what is relevant still and what we need to look towards in the future. Additionally we take a look at what is no longer something we need to use in of development today.


Next, Lead Consultant at Thoughtworks, Patrick Turley (@patrick_turley) joins us to talk about what technologies web developers should be concerned with. The tools, languages, frameworks, platforms, and processes we use everyday can change so rapidly in our industry. It’s hard to say what is the right technology for the right job. Knowing that, Thoughtworks, a leading custom software consulting company, started publishing a Technology Radar that attempts to access technology on a quarterly basis. The Technology Radar is based on the research of the worldwide company and is a guide for other companies and digital builders to understand and keep up with the pros & cons of tech in the development industry.








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