17: The Famo.us vision of "Mobile First"

Defender of Magic, wizardry and the web, and CEO of Famo.us, Steve Newcomb (@stevenewcomb), walks us through the current state of Famo.us. Steve talks about how they are innovating the web and what we can expect in the future of “mobile first” web development from Famo.us.


Famo.us utilizes the power of a Virtual DOM combined with several engines that optimize the power of “cpu bound” performance. Famo.us claims to have mobile performance improvements that eliminate ‘janky’ animations and blur the lines between native device apps and mobile web apps.


Steve goes on to talk about how in April Famo.us will be releasing several features that will enable designers to easily pair with developers and also a new way of building with the framework that will “marry” native and web technology. “Mixed Mode” is a breakthrough for the team and apps built with this new feature will likely have native or even better than native UX & performance.



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  • Hey Steve, I really like famo.us. Great stuff, but please stop repeating this nonsense that you don't rely on the browser's layout engine. famo.us determines the offsets of some elements independent of the browser's layout engine. It doesn't calculate the dimensions of elements with dynamic content, the offsets of inline elements within text, etc., etc. The browser's layout engine is doing that, causing the same performance-killing reflows that are the crux of the performance problem for all JS frameworks. Show me an infinite list with variable-height items at 60fps in DOM. Impossible with current famo.us because it doesn't really handle layout.

    posted by: Blake Fischer on 2014-11-06 20:22:52

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