30: Community Contributions

We, as developers, consume so much information. We read blogs, use our social media to get the latest happenings, follow startup & corporate companies in the news, and we pull in so many libraries and frameworks that power our applications and reduce the amount of work we need to do. Many of us take it for granted that the libraries, frameworks, gists, codepens, blog posts, screencasts, podcasts, & books we consume are all someone elses hard work. That work probably required a lot of time & energy but more importantly, those community contributors took the mindset that others could benefit from their work. Why would they make it a priority to spend the extra time and effort doing this when they have their own deadlines & their own struggles? Surely these people must be crazy, right? Perhaps this is true...but what if it's not?


Who are the people that create for us? Why do they do it? What can we gain in our own work by delivering our own content to others? How can we help contribute? These are only a few of the questions that tend to surface when we discuss the topic of contributing to the community. Episode 30 takes a strong & hard look at the reasons why we produce content and why we consume it. More importantly, we talk to the benefits developers can gain by both producing & consuming code and content in their own work.


Levent Gurses (@gursesl), mobile developer and founder of Movel, talks with us about his experiences running meetups, building software in the open, and sharing with the community. Movel is a mobile product & services company that specializes in building scalable corporate




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