36: Understanding PhoneGap

Brian Leroux (@brianleroux), Adobe Phonegap Team Member & open source software developer, spends lots of time on the Apache Cordova and Adobe PhoneGap projects. Hailing from Canada, he loves his hockey and beer- maybe even more than coding. He has spoken at many conferences and is an expert in delivering & teaching mobile web development.


Brian goes into depth on the Phonegap project. Brian discusses how developers can get started building great mobile experiences with Phonegap. He also details the benefits / downfalls of different approaches to mobile development using web technologies as well as tooling, testing, and automation.



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  • Thanks for listening 'newlistener'. We will do our best to remedy some of those issues in the future. Thank you for the feedback. It is greatly appreciated

    posted by: Erik Isaksen on 2015-06-05 14:33:32

  • hi all I found out about your podcast through another podcast (JSJ) and this was the first episode I listened to. Enjoying the content so far. I've been using Cordova for a while so it was great to hear from someone working in Phonegap. Just wanted to mention, whoever kept getting IMs and was typing throughout the podcast needs to learn how to mute the mic while they are not speaking. Very annoying. Also, the audio quality of the podcast was terrible and low overall. I had to put the volume on the loudest setting to hear it clearly. Hopefully the more recent podcasts will not have these issues. Maybe it was just your guest's issue. Apart from that, great stuff and look forward to hearing more.

    posted by: newlistener on 2015-05-29 12:10:00

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