The views expressed by Eric Knudtson on The Web Platform Podcast episode 97 do not necessarily represent the views of GE

Eric Knudtson (@vikingux) from GE Digital walks us through their Predix User Interface (Predix UI) Web Components library built on top of Google’s Polymer Project. Predix is a cloud platform built to assist developers build for the ‘Industrial Internet’. Under the Predix family or resources is Predix UI, a set of UI components that “enable designers and developers to quickly and easily create Industrial Internet web applications that run on top of Predix services and data.” Eric also discusses challenges and best practices for managing a component based UI architecture, as well as GE’s new open source initiatives.


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  • @Thad - I bought it early on and I still reference it alot. Chris has done an amazing job updating the content and supplementing it with blog posts. The testing information is especially interesting to me.

    posted by: Erik J Isaksen on 2016-07-22 12:46:22

  • Patterns in Polymer: Based on Eric's recommendation, I think I'll buy a copy.

    posted by: Thad Humphries on 2016-07-22 03:30:37

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