The web platform continues to expand into new regions, not only controlling the Internet of Things but also powering a new set of devices. In this episode, Justin Ribeiro talks with Jan Jongboom about Jan OS, an alternative operating system for mobile phones designed to run on devices without their screen attached and FirefoxOS.

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13: MeshBlu, NPM, and The Internet of Everywhere

Connectivity and ubiquity will play a huge role in how web development for connected devices evolves. The rise of makers & builders in the development community is sparking innovation as well as curiosity in the business world. From connected cars & living spaces to fashion and novelty, The Internet of Things (#IoT) stretches far and wide. We are seeing more and more that our clients and users are demanding applications that integrate seamlessly not just w/ their phones, tablets, and computers but with their tv’s, security systems. Many companies are now seeing the viability & market for connected IoT. Many of these companies want to unify product experiences and blur the lines between the physical and digital worlds. With that said, how can we start building our skills and becoming the experts in this development arena?


Whether you are interested in building assembly line robotics, medical technology solutions, or even a simple product with blinking LED’s, developers will need to know many things. The security, product development cycles, how to connect devices to together, & how to share and assimilate firmware & software packages are very important. Standardization and assimilation of devices in a secure manner is critical for businesses.


JavaScript’s ubiquity & evented I/O model lends itself well to easily build IoT devices. Other languages are just as viable and debatably better at many aspects of IoT but JavaScript makes it easier, approachable, and portable.


NPM (@npmjs), the Node Package Manager, is used across the world as the standard JavaScript package manager for Node.js JavaScript primarily for the web. NPM, Inc. aims to change that and be more than a web tool. I aims to be the JavaScript ecosystem package manager for all development platforms from front end development to IoT and more. Raquel Velez (@rockbot), Software Engineer at NPM, Inc., speaks to this, the impact of NodeBots on the development community, education of IoT, and robotics & web technologies in IoT.

Chris Matthieu (@chrismatthieu), Co-founder & CTO of Octoblu (@Octoblu), discusses Octoblu’s platform and specifically #MeshBlu (AKA, the scalable & universal cloud-based MQTT & CoAP-powered network for smart devices, sensors, cloud resources, drones, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, and more.


Mike Schwartz(@nynymike), CEO of Gluu, shares his feelings on IoT security, open security standards, development practices and the pitfalls of a connected platform for IoT devices.  


Kenal Shah (@KenalShah), Product Manager at 3Pillar Global, talks to the product side of IoT and how the business side of developing for connected devices impacts the development practices.


Standards are constantly debated and the rise of the machines is upon us. We need to decide as a community what these standards are so our clients can trust us to develop their IoT integration products. It is “The Wild Wild West” of IoT yet production and shipping capablities are here with tools like Node.js, NPM, and Octoblu. Once we solidify the standards, will you be ready to deliver?


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