This week on the Web Platform Podcast Danny Blue and Amal Hussein chat with Tom Greever (@tomgreever), Author of ”Articulating Design Decisions”. Tom helps our hosts learn how to help communicate more effectively and we learn that maybe Danny is a jerk. Learn how design and dev can work together, how to avoid the “CEO button” and more!


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This week on the Web Platform Podcast Sam Quayle (@samquayle), Senior UX designer and front-end consultant at Valtech, joined us to discuss Lean UX with hosts Danny Blue, Justin Ribeiro, and Amal Hussein. Lean UX is a design approach which is fits the highly evolving needs of development teams creating products for the modern web. It allows for rapid iteration and user driven design. Sam shares best practices tips and his positive experiences with clients. A very interesting case study is the UK Government Digital Service adoption process, and the benefits they have seen from embracing Lean UX.

Show links: Slides from Sam’s talk on Lean UX ,  the Lean UX book that started it all, and this awesome article


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