Nathen Harvey (@nathenharvey), VP of Community Development at Chef Software, joins us to discuss modern devops culture, tools, and practices as well as how Chef Software can help teams automate, scale, and reproduce tasks, and environments. Nathen defined devops as how to build high velocity organizations by reducing build and deployment cycles. Topics includes how to manage your infrastructure like code, devops community, Chef cookbooks and recipes, and improving your devops knowledge and processes as web developer.



Chef & Habitat




Puppet -

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This week on The Web Platform Podcast, Erik Isaksen, Danny Blue, and Leon Revill talk with Mano Marks (@ManoMarks) all about Docker and how containerized deployments can help you from the time you start your web project all the way to the time you need it to scale up. Is Docker good for small applications, large applications, or both? Is it all just and adorable excuse to put a whale mascot on merchandise? Likely not. Mano Marks informs three primarily front end developers on the exciting ways your can use Docker, from simple push button server solutions to creating Quake...yes, Quake.



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