Paul Bakaus (@pbakaus), Google Engineer, has recently been leading the AMP Project which is an open source initiative to optimize content for mobile devices using the web. AMP is heavily supported by several global news & media groups and has the SEO community in an uproar. Paul takes us through the core concepts of project and the reasoning behind it. Additionally, AMP leverages many newer technologies such as Service Workers, ES2015, and Custom Elements (One of the four Web Component pillars) making it an exciting project for developers to contribute to.


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Kenneth Christiansen (@kennethrohde) and Alexis Menard (@darktears) the creators of the crosswalk project talk to us about creating hybrid mobile apps using a consistent and powerful runtime environment across mobile, TV, desktop and IoT devices. We talk in detail about what benefits Crosswalk can bring to the table, general features, its extension system and its compatibility with Cordova/PhoneGap projects. We also talk about how hybrid app development promises to maximize code reuse (“write once deploy everywhere”) and the reality of this promise. Finally we talk about Progressive Web Apps and how Crosswalk can be used to extend PWA exposure by also quickly getting them within the app store.


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36: Understanding PhoneGap

Brian Leroux (@brianleroux), Adobe Phonegap Team Member & open source software developer, spends lots of time on the Apache Cordova and Adobe PhoneGap projects. Hailing from Canada, he loves his hockey and beer- maybe even more than coding. He has spoken at many conferences and is an expert in delivering & teaching mobile web development.


Brian goes into depth on the Phonegap project. Brian discusses how developers can get started building great mobile experiences with Phonegap. He also details the benefits / downfalls of different approaches to mobile development using web technologies as well as tooling, testing, and automation.



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