Daniel X Moore (@STRd6) and Pirijan (@pketh) join our panel to discuss Hyperdev, A web based code editor aimed at making developers as productive as possible as quickly as possible. Is a web based IDE really a viable option for full stack production apps? Can Hyperdev be built with Hyperdev!? These questions and many more are on this week’s episode of The Web Platform Podcast.


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37: The Ghost Platform

John O’Nolan (@johnonolan), founder of Ghost, and Hannah Wolfe (@ErisDS), Ghost CTO talk about blogging and how the Ghost Project can make a difference in the blogging community. John gives a great overview of blogging and how Wordpress, the blogging giant, had become something totally different than what it had originally set out to be. Ghost was a response to the frustration of Wordpress and has since taken blogging to where, according to John, Wordpress should have gone.


Hannah & John share the project’s user experience and underlying concepts that can potentially aid developers in using Ghost to its full potential. They takes us through the technical details developers would need to get started as well as tips and great resources we can take advantage of.



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19: Node.js Application Security

Chetan Karande (@karande_c), talks about Node.js App security and ways developers can prevent attacks. He goes into detail about working with Express.js in particular, NodeGoat, & his work with OWASP. Chetan is a team lead and senior software engineer at Omgeo and frequently speaks at conferences about JavaScript, Front End Technologies, Java, & Node.js.



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