Nolan Lawson a PM at Microsoft Edge joins us today to talk about PouchDB a popular open source project he’s a maintainer of. PouchDB is an open-source JavaScript database inspired by Apache CouchDB that is designed to run well within the browser. In this episode we get into what PouchDB is good at and what type of projects would benefit from using PouchDB for their persistence layer (turns out, many!). PouchDB is framework agnostic but plays very well with many popular frameworks and libraries. Nolan gets into the performance of PouchDB and also what storage mechanisms it supports which include IndexedDB, WebSQL, LevelDB and many more. The episode takes a very unexpected turn leaving Justin, Danny and Leon wrapping up with some of their own PouchDB experiences.


Around the Web in Two Minutes





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Tal Ater (@TalAter), creator of Annyang, a powerful speech recognition library for the web, has now created UpUp, an Offline First library using the power of Service Workers.  UpUp is an incredible asset for web developers wanting to build Progressive Web Applications (PWA’s)

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Mark Nadal (@marknadal) joins Danny Blue, Justin RIbeiro and Leon Revil to chat about GunDB and all the challenges of developing a database, concurrency, and distributed systems. Our hosts and guest dive into these topics and even journey to space in the newest episode of the Web Platform Podcast.


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60: Offline First


The Offline First Heroes, Jan Lehnardt (@janl), John Kleinschmidt (@jkleinsc), Alex Russell (@slightlylate), and Jake Archibald (@jaffathecake) join forces to chat on why web developers should be designing and building with offline capabilities in mind from the beginning. From emerging standards like ServiceWorker to well thought out web frameworks like & UpUp, there are many differnt approaches and reasons why we would develop with an offline first mentality. There are so many gotchas and so many pro tips that have come out of the lessons learned by these offline web evangelists. For better or worse the technical marvels of development in this engineering arena are hard to visualize demo much like the features of good security or performance. Offline is vital and integral to the web just as security and performance are vand it should not be an afterthought in our designs.



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