Aimee Knight (@Aimee_Knight) , SoftwareEngineeratKuali & Developer hero chats with us about herexperienceslearning the React ecosystem. Coming from a primarilyAngularbackground can make learning React very different. Aimeeshares herfeelings on how developers can get started efficiently,the toolsand practices she has found useful, and making learningexcitingand fun again.

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An Intro to Riot.js with core contributors GianlucaGuarini(@gianlucaguarini) & Richard Bondi. 

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31: Building with React.js

What is Facebook’s React.js project? When it was announced at JSConf US 2013 it met mixed reviews. One question that might enter your mind developer today in 2015, do I really need to know another framework? The short answer is “yes”. In episode 31 “Building with React.js” we talk with Facebook developer and TC39 member, Sebastian Markbage (@sebmarkbage) on building apps with React, React Native, React Conf 2015, what’s new in the framework, what the core concepts are, what the hype is all about, and much more.  




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