Michael Glukhovsky (@mglukhovsky), co-founder of the innovative Rethink brand, chats with us about two core free open source projects that are changing the ways we think of data in our web applications. Join us as we dive into the unique database known as RethinkDB. We also talk in depth about Horizon, a realtime JavaScript backend used to build powerful web & mobile apps that scale utilizing the power of RethinkDB.



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Offline, replication, and conflict detection is hard for the web. CouchDB makes life a easier. In this episode, we explore how CouchDB embraces the web, how to get started, and just what makes CouchDB tick.

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Jan Lehnardt (@janl)

Garren Smith (@garrensmith)

Sharon DiOrio (@sharondio)

Justin Ribeiro (@justinribeiro)

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18: ORTC & WebRTC Deep Dive with Tsahi Levent-Levi

We covered the basics of WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) & Real Time Application Development in episode 7 of the podcast with Agility Feat and now, with the recent news that Microsoft has decided to start implementing ORTC (Object Real Time Communication), we felt it was time to get a closer look at this ‘peer-to-peer’ technology and how we can start using it today. ORTC is an ‘evolution’ of WebRTC (AKA Web RTC 1.1) and it changes a few things to the underlying way Web RTC works. Despite this, ORTC seems to retain all of its previous API’s and functionality.


Our guest Tsahi Levent-Levi (@tsahil) goes through the API's associated with ORTC, sharing his experiences with each piece of the technology. He takes us through possible client strategies ,deployment 'gotchas', what is relevant and working today, the misconceptions, and the power of peer-to-peer communication & media interactivity.   




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7: Web RTC and Designing Realtime Experiences

In episode 7 of the web platform podcast, ‘’Web RTC and Designing Realtime Experiences”,  we talk with Agility Feat (http://agilityfeat.com/), a design and development firm in the US, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Honduras. Agility Feat has been not only building out real-time apps for a while now but they are also actively contributing back to the community around it as well by speaking at events, distributing a RealTime.com newsletter, and more.


Web RTC (http://www.webrtc.org/) is “a free, open project that enables web browsers with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities via simple JavaScript APIs”. It is a peer-to-peer communication tool and its been around for a while. Contrary to popular belief Web RTC is not just video & chat in the browser. It is more than just that, it has data channels, screen sharing, streaming, and much more.


Web RTC is an evolving standard for realtime app development and is gaining popularity quickly in the realtime web community. More browsers are starting to implement it and Agility Feat has seen the capabilities & usefulness of Web RTC to assist in developing the user experience of realtime applications. In this episode Agilty Feat discusses how they approach designing for browsers that don’t support it and how they use Web RTC effectively in their applications.


Christian Smith (@anvilhacks) and Erik Isaksen (@eisaksen) host this episode with guests Allan Naranjo (@OrangeSoftware), Mariana Lopez (@nanalq), & Arin Sime (@ArinSime) The AgilityFeat team talks with us about the user experience considerations in building realtime applications and the technologies involved.


Allan Naranjo (@OrangeSoftware) is a core member of the development team at AgiltyFeat. He is a leader in creating detailed mobile experiences with heavy client side frameworks. Allan was the winner of  ‘The  Access Innovation Prize’ in 2012 for one of his Facebook Applications.


Mariana Lopez (@nanalq) is the UX lead at AgilityFeat. She designs real-time applications for clients across a variety of industries.  Mariana studied Human Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University, and is also a professor of Interaction Design at the Universidad Veritas (Costa Rica) and Universidad de Costa Rica.


Arin Sime (@ArinSime) is co-founder of AgilityFeat. Arin has over 16 years of experience as a developer, entrepreneur, consultant, and trainer for everything from small startups to Fortune 100′s and federal agencies.





















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