Static Web Applications have evolved quite a bit over the past few years. They are now longer just a flat file with scripts added. Now they are fully functional application stacks. This might sound strange to some but the truth is out there. Listen to Brian Douglas (@BdougieYo) from Netlify chat about their structure and vision for Static Apps known as JAMStack.




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25: LIVE - Static Showdown 2015

Our guests Michael Bleigh, Divshot CEO, and Kevin Chau, Director of Business Development at Divshot, talk about the importance of Static Applications, Hosting Static Apps, & Hackathons. Static Showdown is a worldwide 48 hour hackathon featuringstatic web apps. Divshot, a company born of a hackathon, is a leader in Static App Hosting. They are Community Builders and lovers of the web.


This year, Divshot brings us it’s 2nd incarnation of the Static Showdown competition that will be held online Jan 24th through Jan 25th. Registered teams will be provided with a private github repo & Divshot Static App hosting for the hackathon. Some prizes include Chrome Books, Moto 360’s, $300 Apple Gift cards, $500 Amazon gift cards, cold hard cash and more.

This Serverless coding event is sponsored by some of the top companies & projects in the web development industry. Past Judges have included Yehuda Katz, Eric Bidelman, Alex McCaw, Mark Otto, Zach Holman, and many others. Sign ups end on Jan 22nd so hurry and  get your team ready ASAP for a solid 48 hours of fun, creativity, & excitement. Register at http://staticshowdown.comnow!





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