Danny, Justin & Amal get together with Kenneth Christiansen to talk about this year’s Google I/O. With everyone having attended I/O the show is packed full of great content with discussions on AI, Shape detection, PWAs, Polymer, Kotlin and so much more!





  • Kenneth Christiansen



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Erik Isaksen(@eisaksen) & Mark Nadal (@marknadal) talk about trends in web development as an industry. They discuss technology communities and how they got involved. Mark grills Erik on how technology has changed over the years & what patterns he’s seen across his career. Mark predicts the future of web technology…machine learning on AST’s. Do not resist, the future is already written.

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67: Keeping Fluent with Web Technology


How do you keep up with the vast amounts of web technology released daily? It can be a losing battle for some and a opportunity for others. One person in our community that comes to mind is Peter Cooper (@peterc) from Cooper Press.

Join us as we learn how his work at O'Reilly has shaped some of his strategies for this as well as what Cooper Press provides and Conferences like OSCon & Fluent

O’Reilly Media Partner Discounts

The Web Platform Podcast is a proud O’Reilly Media Partner. As such, one of the benefits we provide our listeners are special  discounts such as 50% off ebooks and 40% in printed material. This includes but is not limited to books on the web technologies. Your discount code is PCBW so head over to http://www.oreilly.com/ right now to get all your favorite tech books at much lower prices.

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20% Discount to FluentConf


Call for proposals is done, registration is open,  and O’Reilly Fluent Conf is back in just a few months. Fluent, The Web Platform conference will be held in San Francisco, CA on March 7-10 2016. Get practical Training in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and the latest web development technologies and frameworks. The Web Platform Podcast listeners receive a 20% discount when registering for the conference. Make sure you use the promotional code PCWPP20 to receive your discount.

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Free eBook: Data-Informed Product Design


Designers must understand user needs to create any product. But what type of data should you look at? In her new book, Data-Informed Product Design, Pamela Pavliscak outlines a way to use data of all kinds to understand the relationship between people and technology. Generally speaking, big data is quantitative; it gives you the what, where, and when, while “thick data” provides the qualitative perspective—the how and the why.

Up until now, there hasn't been much information on how to combine quantitative big data with qualitative thick data. That's where this report can help. If you're involved in any aspect of product design, this is indispensable reading. It's useful, and we're pleased to offer it to you, for free! Get the free ebook now.

Design Sprint: A fast start to creating a great digital product


October 20 | 10:00am PT | Banfield, Lombardo, & Wax

The Design Sprint is the first, and for some projects the most significant, phase of a design thinking process. It gets the entire product design and development team on the same page, reduces the risk of downstream mistakes, and generates vision-lead goals for the team to measure their success. Join Richard Banfield, C. Todd Lombardo, and Trace Wax as they explain why and how Design Sprints work and how you can use Design Sprints to enhance your own design process.



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52: Technology Radar



First we review some of the technologies we’ve shown over our first year of podcasting and talk about what is relevant still and what we need to look towards in the future. Additionally we take a look at what is no longer something we need to use in of development today.


Next, Lead Consultant at Thoughtworks, Patrick Turley (@patrick_turley) joins us to talk about what technologies web developers should be concerned with. The tools, languages, frameworks, platforms, and processes we use everyday can change so rapidly in our industry. It’s hard to say what is the right technology for the right job. Knowing that, Thoughtworks, a leading custom software consulting company, started publishing a Technology Radar that attempts to access technology on a quarterly basis. The Technology Radar is based on the research of the worldwide company and is a guide for other companies and digital builders to understand and keep up with the pros & cons of tech in the development industry.








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4: Static Application Hosting & All Things Firebase

“The Rise of BAAS : Static Application Hosting & All Things Firebase”,  episode 4, is the second of our exploration into Backend As A Service (BAAS) and how it’s changing how we build applications today.

Static Application development is on the rise & the tools that help us quickly host and iterate on these applications are emerging rapidly. With the exit of GoInstant as a BAAS, can we safely rely on these services as dedicated backends or do we solely use BAAS for real time interaction, prototyping, or something else? Ossama Alami, VP of Developer Happiness, at Firebase talks with us about the recent Firebase Hosting service, deploy tools, open data sets, static hosting & BAAS applications and everything Firebase.

Firebase, a young but influential player in BAAS was founded in 2012. At it’s core, it is a backend that lets developers store and sync data in real time. Ossama has dedicated himself to empowering developers and ensuring Firebase remains a force for good in the developer community.

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3: GoAngular & The GoInstant Platform

“The Rise of BAAS : GoAngular & The GoInstant (@GoInstant) Platform”,  episode 3, is the first of our exploration into Backend As A Service (BAAS) and how it’s changing how we build applications today. Matt Creager (@Matt_Creager), lead developer on the GoAngular project, talks with us about GoInstant, a powerful BAAS. The rise of BAAS has caused mixed feelings in the developer community. Static application development is rapidly increasing and evolving & the toolsets to build these are getting more detailed. This is due to many factors and static applications are quickly being recognized as solving more & more problems & pain points in application development today. Why would you build your applications with BAAS & how can you leverage the developer tools / frameworks out there? Matt tells his perspective in this episode.   

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1: RubyNation & Ruby's Cultural Impact

This is Episode #1 featuring live interviews from RubyNation 2014,  a regional Ruby Conference in Silver Springs, MD. It showcases the importance of building meaningful digital experiences,  development culture & community, & the value sharing knowledge.

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